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Meet Charlie, Harriet and Josh. Our aim is simple; help great unsigned artists with just about anything they need! Hard working and talented bands go all but unheard half the time just because they didn’t have the right friends or wear the right trousers and we look to try and find them regardless. 

So who are we? 

With an extensive background in artistic direction for film, business and of course music Josh Fletcher brings his creative vision and fantastic music taste to the team. 

Harriet Brown is one of the key young music photographers in the UK, shooting at just about every festival and with every band you can name, you’ve probably seen her behind the lens. She’s a true lover of all things musical and an ambassador of new acts. 

Charlie Sinclair might’ve cut his teeth as a PR but has since turned to the creative side of music both as a producer and lead singer of Bright Orange Spectacle. As obsessed with music and how it’s made as anyone you can find, he passionately lives and breathes both his own music and other’s even more.

Whatabout release music, put on shows and help unsigned bands level up. Get in touch!


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